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Leaders and innovators in their field

Speaking the cliché language, you will meet speakers, CTOs, CEOs, COOs, Founders and Co-Founders of IT companies.


But aside all the labels, you will hear Ukrainians who pushed the world of technology forward. Their products are known to millions of people around the world: Depositphotos, Readdle, Grammarly, Intellectsoft and many others. 


Yuriy Soroka (USA)
COO Intellectsoft - creator of applications and IT solutions for 100 million users
COO Intellectsoft is a global company with offices in Palo Alto, New York, Tel Aviv, Kiev, London and others.
Intellectsoft clients include Madonna,  Harley-Davidson, Harvard University, Guinness and many others.
In 2015, Intellectsoft acquired Mobile Roadie - one of the first and most popular designers of mobile applications in the world.
Yuriy Soroka – received an MBA in Applied Investment Management. In his spare time, he is the chairman of the prestigious Made In New York Jazz Competition.
Alex Lutskiy
SEO Innovecs, formerly AVP in GlobalLogic, a global company in R&D

CEO and co-founder Innovecs Alex returned to the Ukraine, after 17 years in the US. He did not hesitate to choose a non-traditional, for a Ukrainian, outsourcing business model. Also, Innovecs is an American company with an established headquarters in the Ukraine, with its main asset being the R & D center.

Before Innovecs, Alex was as AVP GlobalLogic, a global company in the field of R & D, as well as Vice President of business applications and operations at Ipsos.

Dmitry Sergeyev
Founder Depositphotos - one of the largest photo banks in the world

Dmitry founded Depositphotos in 2009. Today it is one of the most famous photo banks, with an estimated value of $ 70-100 million. Dmitry managed not only to take the company in the top five stock photo banks in the world but also scale the business in 192 countries.

More than 50 thousand users from around the world pour about 80 thousand files in every day..  Dmitry enjoys doing business in the Ukraine and continues to develop it.

Jaroslav Azhnyuk
Co-founder and CEO Petcube, which is considered one of the most successful Ukrainian companies

Today Plast of Kyiv Yaroslav Azhnyuk living in California, working on new projects and above all wants to see Ukraine as a successful and comfortable - with their own civic activity including.

A profitable project Petcube, sold across the planet, does not consider the apex of success. He says that is still just beginning. Device to control and communicate with pet Petcube gained on the US platform Kikstarter 250 000 dollars.

Andrian Budantsov
CTO & Co-founder of the company Readdle, which products are downloaded more than 45 million people

CTO & Co-founder of the company Readdle, which products have downloaded over 45 million people. Among the most famous iOS apps:  Scanner Pro, Documents, PDF Expert and Calendars.

Adrian writes code for mobile devices is still since the days of black and white screens and m68k. CTO and co-founder of Readdle, where since 2007 manages product development for millions of people and thousands of businesses.

Alex Levzhynskyy
Software Engineer at Grammarly - a company that helps to establish a common language among two billion people

Alex is Software Engineer at Grammarly- a company that helps to establish a common language among two billion people. Grammarly - a company of 4+ billion registered users. that improves communication among 2+ billion native speakers and those who learn English worldwide.


Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company with offices in San Francisco and Kiev.

Grammarly products are also licensed to more than 600 leading universities and corporations.

Andriyan Chesnyh
Blockchain developer в Infopulse Ukraine

Enthusiast cryptocurrency and technology Blockchain. Came up with the idea of decentralized applications and assembled a team to participate in the Blockchain Hackathon this year - took the prize


He is involved as a developer in Blockchain Norwegian project - development of the concept to private Blockchain technology for the banking system of issuing group loans. Currently is s Blockchain leading developer the company Infopulse

Boris Trofimov
Solution Architect в Sigma Software

Sigma Software является частью шведской корпорации Sigma Group и представлена на рынке Украины уже 15 лет. Sigma создает решения для таких всемирно известных компаний как Volvo, SAS, Aol., Formpipe , Scania и др.
Борис прошел путь от разработчика до архитектора, обладает глубокой экспертизой в Big Data, Adtech, активно работает с Java/Scala technologies.
Является сооснователем и спикером сообщества Odessa Java и Mobile User Groups.

Борис занимается подготовкой и развитием Java разработчиков в Одессе и преподает в Одесском национальном политехническом университете.

Анжей Гужовський
Architect of BetLab, Fouder Internet Systems

Позади долгий путь технологий от демосцены и игробуду к высоконагруженных телекоммуникационных систем. Ценит утонченный Декаденс киберпанка лирику современных технологий и персиковый цвет.

Alexander Isachenko
Managing partner at [CoreTeka], Project Manager at

Прошел путь от ТОП-менеджера крупного рекламного агентства, руководителя Digital-направления сети АЗК WOG и пришел к внедрению

инноваций в логистику и автомобильный бизнес.
Основатель компании [CoreTeka], которая занимается инновациями для ритейла, логистики и автомобильных компаний. Считает, что логистика и автомобильный бизнес давно нуждаются в инновациях и оптимизации бизнес-процессов за счет внедрения современных технологий. Активный гражданин сообщества Kyiv Smart City Hub.

Dmitry Voloshin
CTO and growth hacker of Preply - the international English tutors search service

Dmitri Voloshin is the growth hacker and co-founder of the international service for finding coaches It is a platform for local and Skype tutoring in English.

In 2012, the team consisted of three enthusiasts. Now the startup has grown into an online service used by the US, Europe, CIS and Australia.

Andrew Muzichenko
Co-founder of Mars Hopper - drone-winner at NASA’s World Hackathon

At NASA’s Space Apps global Hackathon Challenge Andrew, leading his team, created a revolutionary autonomous Mars Hopper. He won the hackathon , bringing the project from innovative idea to realization.

Today, the team is actively fighting for The Ukraine’s rightful place among the "space" countries.

Sergey Fitsak
CEO & Co-founder of Softjourn - which is in its third consecutive year of being a Top-100 outsourcing companies in the world

Sergey has over 15 years of experience in the field of high-tech companies. He crossed the rich road from the developer to the CEO. He successfully completed the course in Innovation Management at HAAS Business School University of Berkeley, California.

He tells us that ay the beginning of all beginnings, the gold mine and the value of any company are its employees.

Taras Polishchuk
Tech Lead & Co-founder of TripMyDream - the best tourist startup in the world

TripMyDream was voted the best travel startup in the global SeedStarsWord Travel Track competition. He won half a million dollars of investment.

Taras is not a co-founder - he is the creator of the beta-version of all services at TripMyDream: from mechanics to the server infrastructure. In the professional arsenal, Taras has over 12 years of programming experience and ten victories in contests and competitions.

Dmitry Leader
Co-founder & stations at Grammarly - a company that establishes a common language among two billion people

Co-founder технологической компании Grammarly, разработки которой помогают миллионам людей во всем мире грамотней писать на английском. Дмитрий имеет опыт инженера-программиста, дизайнера, team lead. Энтузиаст новых форм организации сотрудничества и сотворчества.

Соорганизатор серии конференций «X.0 Conference: люди и процессы». Постоянный ментор программы арт-хакатонов «Культурный код города».

Alexander Popov
CTO and Managing Partner Terrasoft - CRM-platform developer of bpm'online for managing business processes of marketing, sales, and service.


Managing partner Terrasoft group of companies. Certified for ITIL / ITSM and PMI / PMBoK. Alexander Popov has 16 years of experience in IT.An training author of process optimization development, and business process modeling in BPMN notation.

The company Alexander is responsible for the choice of technical solutions and development software.

Dmitry Lysytskyy
СЕО в (Ukraine), Global Head of Delivery & Services в Gett

In the IT-sphere since 1993 He worked in advertising agencies Publicis Group, the media agency "Starcom Ukraine". The Group "1 + 1" held the position of Commercial Director, supervised internet holding UMH Digital. He currently holds the position of CEO at All.Biz Ukraine
Dmitry also IT-entrepreneur. Co-founder of Source Valley, subsequently purchased the largest Ukrainian developer software company GlobalLogic. One of the founders of Startup Crash Test project. He received an MBA from Columbia and London Business School.

Roman Cherednik
Senior Project Manager of Engineerig, GlobalLogic

Roman experienced manager who supervises in particular the creation of their own making in GlobalLogic.

"Today, to be an ordinary startup is not easy at all. Every day you have to make efforts to address issues unrelated to the development of products, trying to Company the flexibility to search for innovative solutions custom tasks."

Alexander Maydanyuk
Head of QA center в Сiklum

As a Head of Testing Center of Excellence in Ciklum Alexander passes through a variety of technologies, with whom the company works
Therefore, he is always in the wake of the world's foremost engineering practices, which is actively used in the work of his team, as well as in the Manual, Automation, Performance and Security areas.

Alexander – winner of the Ukrainian IT Awards in the category of Quality Assurance 2016.
Advisory Board Member at BrainBasket Foundation;
The expert and the judge QA championships section
Co-Founder at QA Club Kiev
Co-Founder at TestUAStartups

Igor Semenov
Managing partner of TA Ventures

Igor Semenov has more than 15 years of experience in the business venture. He is a former venture partner AVentures Capital .

He is a member of the investment committee and an expert incubator GrowthUP StartUp Incubator in Kiev. In addition, he worked for 6 years in the Western NIS Enterprise Fund , as a researcher. Before that, Igor served as an investment manager at TA Ventures.

Igor Starepravo
Embedded Practice Director Luxoft

Igor has more than 15 years of professional experience management in the IT industry in positions of different levels: from software engineering to the position of Head of Business directions in the global IT companies.

Previously, Igor led the business unit IT Operation Company Infopulse Ukraine Ltd . The MTS (currently Vodafone) Igor instilled VAS services, BSS / NSS system and other telecommunications services.

Dmitry Starkov
Creative Labs UX Architect в Luxoft

Dmitry has more than 13 years of experience in the design, and now holds the position of Senior UX Designer and Usability Architect in Luxoft Creative Labs. On-board vehicle systems, highly loaded systems of online banking - is only part of what his department


Dmitry often and gladly shares his experience and knowledge of usability and interface design in lectures and industry conferences.

Jaroslav Hermann
Director of Software Engineering в Epam

One of the veteran Ukrainian EPAM, head of the Kiev division .NET Solutions # 1

At the end of last year, the largest IT-company service industry of the country has become a EPAM, which crossed the threshold in 2015 4 thousand. IT-specialists
For us the key is not growth in quantitative and qualitative terms - and the measure of our success are those software products that we create.

Alex Mas
IT & Digital adviser at Kyivstar

From 1995 to 1997, was an impact force of the software department of the bank "Ukrainian capital"
Was leading experts of the National Bank of Ukraine to 2000.

He made Ukrainian banner network, which remained the most Ukrainian for years to come.
Also, Alex opened the public ReJump engine for web-sites.

Oleksiy Merkulov
Vice President of Client Success в компании SoftServe

Holds the the position of Vice President of Client Success Company SoftServe. Responsible for the management unit to one of its key customers. The sphere of tasks includes not only «delivery», and «business development»

At the department Alexei more than 300 people.

Sergey Poplavsky
Technical Evangelist "Microsoft Ukraine"

An employee to Microsoft, which is responsible for the development of the platform Windows Azure in Ukraine. During his tenure, he managed to hold more than 30 in-depth technical training on the subject, participated in the development of projects 5 on the Windows Azure platform.

In 2015, Microsoft launched in Kiev IoT-lab, which is designed for incubation projects, specializing in the IoT-solutions.

Mykola Palienko
co-founder, CEO

Николай  отвечает за стратегическое управление компанией и прибыльность бизнеса. — это семья онлайн-маркетплейсов, где сотни тысяч предпринимателей продают свои товары и оказывают услуги миллионам пользователей. Сегодня проекты группы компаний EVO –  лидеры отрасли в странах присутствия, где растут быстрее рынка. В рамках EVO успешно развиваются такие проекты:,,,,,,,,, а также готовится к запуску несколько новых проектов.

QA Club Kiev
GDG Lviv
IoT Hub Kiev
CocoaHeads Ukraine
PHP User Group
Go Offline
Frameworks Days
moderators and program committee
Roman Hops
Moderator IT Business Talks

Ciklum Group, BrainBasket, VostokVentures, VostokGames, Bionic University

Roman was executive director of GlobalLogic Ukraine.
Since 2012, he’s been the Chief Operating Officer of Ciklum Group. He is a partner at VostokVentures fund and a member of the board game startup VostokGames.

Roman - a member of the Advisory Board of еру BrainBasket, a member of the Supervisory Board at Bionic University, vice president of the association UAID.

He believes that the Ukraine is waiting for a bright future, so he has the strength and life force to see that prosperity with his own eyes.

Yuri Mykolyshyn
Moderator Yellow Stage and a member of the program committee

Former Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation

An IT ambassador and a true geek. He spent more than 12 years working at Intel, promoting new technologies that changed the world. Yuri - the master of PR and marketing, is the embodiment of charisma and soul of Intel Ukraine.

"Dry leading" - this is not about him. A killing sense of humor, tricky questions, and a subtle understanding of the audience — all this makes him the moderator who will not allow participants to experience info-hunger.

Boris Pratsyuk
Head of R & D Engineering at Ciklum – included at the Top-5 ranking IT companies in Ukraine

Boris worked in the development sphere for over 12 years. Head of R&D в Ciklum Interactive Technology, an Android-consultant in Ciklum Interactive Technology. He was a professor’s assistant at NTU "KPI" for five years.

He’s a team lead who inspires and a heeled theorist with a Ph.D. in solid-state electronics. His projects include –  RingCentral Mobile, Spotflux, Samsung Ebook reader, Cluedo logs, KPI ua, IEEE KPI Student branch.

Artem Bykovets
The best QA at IT Awards, Founder/CEO в StartIT

Artem has experience as ScrumMaster on 3 teams at the same time. For over three years, he produced some of the most qualified testers in the country at his school. He was a favorite speaker among the audience at numerous Ukrainian conferences.
He follows the principle: “Perfection – it’s not a state – it is a goal“.

Paul Pedenko
Moderator of debate "Leave vs Stay"

Head of 1+1 Future Media Lab, Media Hack Weekend

For Paul, the organizer of the biggest hackathon in Ukraine, the real motivation is to work on projects which will be seen by millions of people.

Paul successfully managed dozens of projects, including business processes in « 1 + 1 media», 1 + 1 Future Media Lab — a platform for creating innovative projects. Paul recognized that he is 30% Web specialist, 30% creative person and 40% manager.

Julia Keksin
Coordinator Community Fair

Organizer uaMobiTech conference, coordinator CocoaHeads Ukraine community, HR Business Partner in Ezetech

As an organizer of various events in IT, specializing in communications and relationships with various non-profit community in Ukraine.

Julia's mission — to develop a "platform" for the experience and new knowledge, creating and overseeing innovative conference.

Developing project uaMobiTech — the most ambitious in Ukraine conference on mobile development and marketing, wants to bring event-industry of the country to a new level.

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