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General partner

The company "Falcon-Auto" has the honor to represent the brand and products KIA in Ukraine as an official distributor since 2009.

After years of work on the Ukrainian automobile market presented 28 new modelsand more than 52,000 brand cars KIA joined to parks of our country.


At the Forum, "Falcon-Auto" for the first time in Ukraine will demonstrate an innovative hybrid crossover Kia Niro. Model equipped with the most relevant Kia technologies in the field of safety and environment, will soon join the model range of the brand in our country.


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Main partners
Gold Partner of Forum

To put it simply, we identify leading software and professional services firms that deliver results for their clients. We do this through an innovative research process that melds the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services. Our research helps start-ups, mid-mark.

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Partner of Forum

International IT company with experience in realization projects of various complexity and offices around the globe, from the United States to Belarus.

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Partner of Forum

Social network for remotely working people. Choose the best performers for your projects or find a job to taste. Join us, socialize, and make money!

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Gold Partner of Forum


As an IT solutions provider, Sigma Software also offers team extension services. Our well-founded methods of cooperation have proved to be efficient and successful.

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Silver Партнер Форума
«ePravо» – современная юридическая компания узкой специализации. Работает в следующих направлениях: Интеллектуальная собственность & IT law (защита авторских и смежных прав), Litigation & Mediation (Представительство интересов в судах), Corporate consulting (Анализ существующих бизнес-структур на предмет устойчивости).
Gold Partner
Sayenko Kharenko является одной из ведущих юридических фирм Украины, специализируется на сопровождении сложных трансакционных сделок и проектов в сфере разрешения споров. Фирма пользуется высокой репутацией среди клиентов за предоставление инновационных юридических решений во всех основных отраслях права.
Technical partner

Mil's — Web Production agency.
Our team consists of professionals in their field, with a keen sense of beauty and self-responsibility. We are willing to work very hard to achieve a result that is not going to make a compromise with yourself.

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HR Partner of Forum

№1 Work Search Site in Ukraine.
Every day, more than 300 thousand people come to the site and browsing to 3.8 million pages with vacancies;
We have placed more than 1.7 million CVs and 89 thousand vacancies;
Website used by more than 115 thousand employers;
the site is located with 55 thousand new job, with all checked resumes and jobs each month.

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information partners
Kharkiv IT Cluster
Odessa IT-cluster
Dnipro IT Cluster
IT Education Academy
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