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Zones of Forum, 3.12

Registration & Welcome Coffee

Come earlier: you will find not only delicious coffee but also the special morning program for Early Birds.


IT Forum 2016:
review of the performances

Computer trends, computer programming of the future

Speaker: Adrian Budantsov. CTO & Co-founder of Readdle, which has over 45 million downloads in the App Store.

Topic description: Review of Moore's Law, the real situation in the field of CPU and GPU, distributed computing, parallel computing, fast IO, quantum computers, the development of communication systems and cloud computing.

From Sensor to Pokemon. Past, present and future AR

Speaker: Yuriy Soroka, COO of Intellectsoft - creator of applications and IT-solutions for 100 million users. Their services are used by Madonna, Harley-Davidson, Harvard University, Guinness and many others.

Open Space

During the day, you can:
> Communicate face-to-face with the speakers at the "Speaker’s Sofa"
> Freely communicate with other participants of the Forum
> Meet with IT Forum 2016 partners

IT Product Talks

Participants: Adrian Budantsov, Co-founder & CTO of Readdle
Taras Polishchuk, Co-founder & STO of TripMyDream, Dmitry Lider, CTO of Grammarly
Dmitri Voloshin, CTO, and growth hacker of Preply

Exponential growth of technologies in the aerospace industry

Speaker: Andrew Muzichenko, Co-founder of Mars Hopper - drone-winner at NASA’s World Hackathon.

Topic description: Today the team is actively fighting for the Ukraine’s rightful place among the "space" countries.

Product VS Outsource

Many service campaign help their developers to cut inside the own product. Still, in favor of which to make their choice: to leave and cut the product itself or to stay in a comfortable services company?
debate Participants:
Igor Semenov , the managing partner of TA Ventures, was previously an investment manager here and in other venture capital firms
Jaroslav Azhnyuk , Co-founder and CEO Petcube, which is considered one of the most successful Ukrainian companies
Roman Cherednyk , Senior Project Manager of Engineering, GlobalLogic

Development in Cloud: How We Are Doing IT

Speaker: Dmitri Voloshin, CTO and growth hacker of the international service for finding tutors,

Topic description: It is a platform for local and Skype tutoring in English, which is used in the US, Europe, CIS, and Australia.

IT emigration: Leave V.S. Stay

Topic: "IT emigration: Leave V.S. Stay"

Dmitrii Sergeev, Founder Depositphotos
Volodymyr Potapenko, СЕО & Co-founder 8Relocate
Borys Trofymov, Solution Architect в Sigma Software

Static typing in the Frontend. On the question about the trends in this direction.

Speaker: Alex Levzhitsky Software Engineer in Grammarly, the development of which help millions of people around the world to write competently in English, improve communication among 2+ billion people carriers and non-English speakers around the world.

Topic description: on trends in the Frontend as static typing helps to avoid most of the errors in the code and why it should be used immediately. Examples, case studies, common errors and misconceptions.

Comunity Fair

Within two hours you can:
> Meet with leaders of Ukrainian IT communities
> Find a community you want to join
> Learn what will be organized for you in 2017: meetups, hackathons, conferences

Google Developers Group, Go Offline, Frameworks Days, IT КПІ, Kottans, IoT Hub Kiev, QA Club Kiev, DIY Lab, PM Community, Inhicking, CocoaHeads Ukraine та ін.

Frameworks Days

Frameworks Days - мы объединяем разработчиков, менеджеров проектов и всех, кто связан с IT. Уже 6-й год проводим мероприятия различного масштаба и формата: технические конференции (JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Front-end и не только), митапы (PM, Mobile, GameDev, etc.), мастер-классы и вебинары.
Наша цель: проводить качественные IT мероприятия.


Free time for socializing. At this time in the Open Space will be Community Fair - live presentation of the 20 IT-community, including Google Developers Group, Frameworks Days, IT KPI, IoT Hub Kiev, and others.

Here you will be able to personally interact with community leaders to get acquainted with their activities, learn that they are preparing for you for the next year and get a personal invitation to a discount on the expected events in 2017.


Speaker: Boris Trofimov, Solution Architect at Sigma Software
Report: Do you know how contextual advertising work? What happens under the hood and what is the role played by big data and machine learning to identify the end-users of advertising? Entertaining and interesting, we will dive into the world of bigdata the example of one of the projects the company Sigma Software.


Свободное время для общения. В это время в Open Space начнется Community Fair - живая презентация 20-ти ІТ-сообществ, среди которых Google Developers Group, Frameworks Days, IT KПИ, IoT Hub Kiev и другие.

Здесь вы сможете лично пообщаться с лидерами сообществ, ознакомится с их деятельностью, узнать, что они готовят для вас на следующий год и получить личное приглашение со скидкой на ожидаемые события 2017 года.

IT Business Talks

The owners and top managers of IT-outsourcing companies, experts in business trends and market needs will analyze the current state and future of the Ukrainian IT sector, also discuss controversial issues and methods to counter adverse trends.

How to develop a smart chatbot using BotFramework and Azure Cognitive Services

Speaker: Anton Vidischev, Offshore Manager Ukraine, Donnelley Financial Solutions, Ciklum, Odessa (Ukraine)
He's a Microsoft MVP for Azure, a co-organizer of the Odessa .NET-community and an active participant in numerous conferences and technology group meetings. His specialization is Microsoft Azure cloud. Currently, he's leading a technology team of 90 people in Ukraine, which is developing a set of financial systems for the US market.

Technology Blockchain. New opportunities for developers

Speaker: Adrian Chesnyh, Blockchain developer at Infopulse

• Bitcoin. The first decentralized system Blockchain. Summary principle: Transaction cryptography mechanism, Proof-of-Work.
• Implementation of reasonable contracts: the Turing completeness, Ethereum platform.
• Public and private, Permissioned and Permissionless types of Blockchains and their technical differences.
• Variants of Blockchain for business and the state - the main platform for developers. The current state of the platform.
• The future development of Blockchain systems and opportunities for developers.

Seven trends UX design in 2017

Speaker: Dmitry Starkov, Senior UX Designer and UX Architect at Luxoft
Report: visual design technologies now affect all spheres of our life, and in the end of the year - it's time to think about the visual landscape of the near future. What trends in the visual design of the outgoing year will leave with it, and that change in 2017? You will find the story of styles, tools, concepts, and technology trends that will be decisive for the UI / UX design in 2017.

Web Components - the building blocks of the future web in action

Speaker: Andrzej Guzhovsky - Internet Architect engineer systems Betlab, founder

Topic description: Widgets in the Web to a standard level. Yes, it's all about the Web Component-s - popularized by market giants approach to building modern web applications from independent units.
We talk about the standard, its support for browsers and frameworks that allow us to apply the full power of Web Component-s now: polymer, SkateJS, X-tags, RiotJS.
Here we touch the future Web, in action.

IT Tech Talks

Technological trends that change lives: what to expect in the next five years?

IoT solutions for large businesses. Scenarios of application examples.

Speaker: Sergey Poplavsky, Technical Evangelist "Microsoft Ukraine".
Sergey is responsible for the development of the Windows Azure platform in Ukraine. During his tenure, he had to spend more than 30 in-depth technical training on this topic, participated in the development of 5 projects on the Windows Azure platform.

In 2015, Microsoft launched in Kiev IoT-lab, which is designed for incubation projects, specializing in the IoT-solutions.

How Google and Facebook conquer the transport and auto businesses

Speaker: Alexander Isachenko - managing partner [CoreTeka], Project Manager of

Topic description: He worked his way from the top manager of a large advertising agency and head of the digital area network to the AGC WOG innovator in logistics in the automotive business.


Time for rest, games and funs.

Awards winners

The ceremony of announcement of winners of the tenth jubilee of the championship

Internet Governance in the Trumps era

Speaker: Dmitry Kokhmanyuk

Communication & Drinks

The IT Forum closing and informal communication.
Useful acquaintances.